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At Revive Multi specialty clinics, we offer consultations for various specialties like General Medicine, Gynecology & Infertility, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Physiotherapy, Dietitian services, Dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

You can book appointment online or call the reception on 040 48517867 or 040 23036111 or 9550881111 for more information and for Doctors visiting hours.

You will get a comprehensive assessment for your medical ailments and will be able to provide answers to your acute or chronic problems.

Health Checks

We offer wide variety of health checks to suit the needs of all categories of patients, depending on their age and co-morbidities.

All our lab samples are processed at NABL and CAP accredidated lab “Lucid Medical Diagnostics”

Our reputed and experienced Radiologist and Cardiologist perform Ultrasound scan and 2D Echocardiogram(heart scan) respectively.

Most of all, these reports are interpreted and explained to the patients by our physician Dr. Ramana Rao N V. He will suggest the recommendations after taking careful history from the patient.


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Revive Ambulatory Bloodpressure monitoring

This is a test in which the patient’s blood pressure will be recorded continuously for 24 hours. This will enable the Doctor to differentiate if the patient has white coat hypertension or Hypertension. The patient will be put on medication only if has true Hypertension.

For more information on our 24 hour bp monitoring device:

click 24 hour bp monitor – welch allyn

Lab & Diagnostics

At revive clinics, Quality is our priority, whether it is a consultation or Diagnostic service.
To ensure quality in the diagnostics, we have outsourced our Lab services to “Lucid Medical Diagnostics”, which is a NABL and CAP accredited Diagnostic center.
Most of the lab reports are available online on the same day or via LUCID app.
Our experienced phlebotomists (lab technicians) are skilled in taking blood and guiding you to access the results.
One will able to access the reports, bills and invoices at any time of the day and share it with your doctor. You can also print them at your home or office if you need a hard copy.

Lab On Wheels - Home Sample Collection

All our blood samples are processed at NABL and CAP accredidated lab “Lucid Medical Diagnostics”.

we provide LAB ON WHEELS service – our home sample collection service. You can request blood or urine samples to collect it from your home. Our dedicated Lab on wheels phone number is 9100786111. You can request the sample collection either by phone/sms or whatsapp.

The reports will be available online via lucidmedicaldiagnostics website and the details will be provided by our phlebotomist at the time of sample collection.

Our technician can also whatsapp you the results on request.

we provide this service for a nominal charge of Rs.100 per visit, it is in 5km radius from our clinic.

You can call 040 64631111 or 04023036111 or 9550881111 to book an appointment with our phlebotomist(lab technician for drawing blood).

Alternatively, you can book appointment online through reviveclinics.in (click on book appointment on the right hand side of the home page in Revive clinics)

Pharmacy and home delivery of medicines

We can deliver medicines at your door step (within 5 km radius of Revive clinics) if your order is over Rs. 500.

You can call 040 2303 6111 to place an order on phone or email at pharmacyrevive@gmail.com with your prescription.

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